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E-STEM and 5 Modern Instructional Strategies

Hi Kenneth! I haven't had the opportunity to use gamification, but I appreciate Lily Jonsek's recent blog post, "E-STEM with Minecraft: Education Edition" (linked below). I can relate to Jonsek's not understanding Minecraft's allure. :D

However, after reading Phylise Banner "5 Modern Approaches - An Instructional Strategies List," I realize I have used the Social Learning approach in my experience as a park ranger. It's very similar to our training in Audience Centered Experience Interpretation.

In developing ranger programs, I've tried to apply aspects of the social learning approach to encourage discussion and reflection of a topic. Unfortunately, our discussions are restricted by time (30 minute programs) and setting (visitor center-range of audience engagement), and so we don't often discuss topics at length. And it's difficult to measure the impact.

Thanks for sharing Phylise Banner's article! It's challenging me to think about how I've approached modern thinking techniques in nonformal EE settings.

Hi Jimena,
Thank you for your response. Gamification can be very intimidating because I wonder if sometimes we envision something like Minecraft or any of the virtual reality games. But I think sometimes I think it's maybe turning something into a competition (like having a leader board for a scavenger hunt). I really like the process and outcomes of social learning. It's really helpful when wanting to make programs intergenerational.
Thank you,