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Changes coming on July 17 to the Technology and EE Group

The eePRO team has an exciting announcement! The Technology & EE Group is becoming E-STEM Education on July 17. Carly Hintz will continue serving as moderator for this Group. Clifford Blizard has decided to no longer continue as moderator. We want to thank Clifford for his excellent work moderating the Technology and EE Group.

We hope this change will give space to a larger audience of those who care about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math teaching and how it may be used for and with environmental education. Look out for the new logo and name change on Tuesday, July 17th!

We are in the process of finding another moderator. If you know someone who is interested and has experience in E-STEM Education, send me an email at

For those interested, here is the description for the E-STEM Education Group:

It’s no secret that good environmental education is interdisciplinary, hands-on, and relates to the real world. Perhaps less known, these characteristics also describe the key drivers of STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and math) which new research has shown a lack of understanding among youth in the United States today. Working to fill that gap, environmental education has the opportunity to create a pathway for implementing effective and engaging STEM lessons both in and outside of the classroom. Let’s engage in a conversation about the research and practice behind using the environment as a pathway for STEM learning through innovative lessons that incorporate design, experimentation, analysis, and of course, the technology that connects it all.

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