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Calling all nature-based app suggestions!

A five-year study taking place in Denmark will find out how apps and technology change children’s experiences and knowledge of the outdoors.

The researchers are calling for help:
"We need to gather as much information as possible on a wide range of apps, blogs, websites, and technology. And, we’d love to hear your suggestions."

How are you using apps as a tool to help children connect to nature? And, more importantly, why? Based on your experience, how do you see the apps furthering your educational goals?

Respond to this thread or email the principal investigator (Theresa Schilhab) at with your suggestions.

The researchers are developing a database of all suggestions and plan to send regular newsletters of the project’s progress. Stay connected and learn more at the link provided.

Hello Carly,

I am based out of Toronto and I am enthusiastic about environmental education using technologies. I used award-winning educational game iBiome-Ocean for conducting workshops on Environmental Literacy for kids in Ontario.

Kids got around 30 minutes to play the game, “iBiome-Ocean” and learn about marine ecosystems and the human impact on our oceans. The kids were asked to fill out a feedback form about the workshop. From the survey it was evident that kids enjoyed playing the game a lot, especially the part of making food webs. Remarkably, majority of the students stated they learned about the marine species and environmental challenges in a “fun way”. With a balanced mixture of videos and digital games, they got interested to discover the world of oceans.

Hi Jane,
What a great way for 21st-century kids to learn about biomes and food webs. Personally, I have seen great value in incorporating gamification in the classroom context, and certainly, see how the style of learning can be expanded into nature/environmental topics. Thank you for sharing!