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All you need is a wall...

The Green Oasis is a digital installation that can be installed anywhere. All you need is a wall and a projector.
Promote Environmental literacy and Ecology education for 2019-2020 and beyond !
I imagine The Green Oasis being projected at night toward white buildings in Egypt and Tanzania where Montessori scholars are translating Remember the Rainforest 1. They are preparing for EDN's Teach-in Earth Day 2020.

Here are samples of what they are translating :

Best New Year, Alberto and Carol Miranda Chor, Eco Artists

Upper Amazon from Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20
Upper Amazon
Habitats from The Green Oasis, Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20
The Green Oasis : Habitats
Exploration page for Remember the Rainforest 1
Explore RTR
Earth Science lessons from Enterprise in Space
Collage created from Remember the Rainforest images
From Etching #9, Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20
From Etching #9
Etching # 18,  Martius-Spix expedition 1817-20
Etching #18