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Resources for awareness training on Privilege (Gender/Racial/etc)

I'm looking for resources for providing privilege awareness and reflection training (gender/racial/economic/etc). I work in remote, rural communities I think this is an important topic to include for our volunteers, seasonals and permanent staff training. In many organizations the staff and even program participants often do not adequately reflect the diverse demographics of the places we serve. I've been searching online and I thought it might be a great resource to see what others have done in providing training or workshops to EE/outreach staff. Let me know if there is a thread on this already. I didn't find one. Thanks in advance! ~ Shelly

Hi, Shelly! I've participated in a number of anti-oppression and racial justice trainings. I'll include some links here. 1) Racial Equity Tools has a lot of great tools for understanding racial equity and white privilege. I believe they also have some good videos. 2) World Trust has entire racial justice training curriculum that you can purchase and implement yourself. 3) Seeing & Naming Racism - I really like this article as a self-assessment tool for organizations on what racism can look like when its institutionalized. 4) Organizing for Power has TONS of exercises for understanding privilege and power. I personally am not a huge fan of the "Privilege Line"/invisible knapsack, especially in more homogenous spaces as it puts a lot of pressure on marginalized folks in the space. I think it's better used as a personal self-assessment tool that folks can do on their own and share in pairs. I have LOTS of thoughts on this, happy to give more input! I also have lots of resources that are more specific to different issues, i.e. LGBTQ, disability justice, etc.