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Compilation of Data for Schools

Hey everyone!

My name is Nicole and I am an environmental educator by trade who's recently made the leap into the classroom setting. Interested in hearing your feedback on a little pet project of mine. Being so grossly involved in both the formal and informal modes of education, I've noticed that, in the abundance of peer-reviewed data on the benefits nature on students, it's difficult for many schools to adopt a sustainability culture. Sooo, in an attempt to help alleviate the problem I've created a site that will be an unbiased source of ALL of the high-quality articles and organizations to aid them in their transition. Administrators are incredibly busy and I just wanted to make it as simple as possible to help in their research. I've also organized everything into education lingo using the big buzzwords of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship since (at least from my experience) it's hard for them to make the connect of the environment being rigorous.

Any feedback on direction of this site for the future would be great, or even any other thoughts. Thank you SO much!

Hey Nicole, thanks for reaching out and sharing!

It wasn't clear where exactly to go to find the peer-reviewed research you talk about. I think delineating that on the front page - the purpose of the site as well as direct links to where to find the most salient content - will help get visitors to where you want them to go.

I appreciated how you have organized the website around rigor, relevance, and relationship.

Additionally, I think the K-12 EE Group might have some other feedback. I encourage you to post the same discussion there.

Finally, eeRESEARCH is a compilation of EE peer-reviewed research that may be of great interest to you!