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Social marketing experts and resources

I am looking for resources and experts in social marketing to share and speak in an upcoming social marketing presentation. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr and his Fostering Sustainable Behavior book and website, but do you have other suggestions?

Hi Sara, I created a little bibliography for some folks dealing with human-wildlife interaction and behavior change in Florida a while back and here's what I came up with:


Ardoin, N.M., Heimlich, J., Braus, J., and Merrick, C. 2013. Influencing Conservation Action: What the research says about environmental literacy, behavior, and conservation results. National Audubon Society, U.S. EPA, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Also available online at: 013_National%20Audubon%20Society.pdf

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Tools of Engagement: A toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation. Pages 158-159 are a social marketing cheat sheet.


McKenzie-Mohr, D. (2011). Fostering sustainable behavior. Canada: New Society Publishers. See also Free online (77 pages long): file:///C:/Users/kclements/Downloads/FosteringSustainableBehavior.pdf

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Persuasive Communication for Behavior Change (12:25 minutes) podcast from Human Dimensions of Conservation Podcast Series. Learn some tips for using persuasive communication to influence conservation behavior from Dr. Shawn Davis, professor of communication at Northern Michigan University and Ms. Lori Brown-Large of Action Research, marketing consultant and social scientist:

Dr. Doug McKenzie Mohr talk (48 minutes) on social marketing at the 2013 World Social Marketing Conference:

Using Social Marketing for On the Ground Conservation ( 21 minutes) – A presentation by Rare Pride’s Brett Jenks on how his organization uses social marketing throughout the world to affect behavior change:

Reinventing Social Marketing (15 minutes) – A presentation by Bill Smith at a TEDx event that walks the audience through what social marketing is and how it works using a series of stories and examples:

Community Based Social Marketing website with Fostering Sustainable Behavior book:


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