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Re: Developing a Regional Approach to Conservation Action

In response to the virtual conference session posted here:

I'm curious about how this approach/research might be adapted to find ways for engaging folks in conservation action around a contested issue. Whether it be climate change or fisheries management, there are some issues that people won't see as real issues, based on their own experiences/observations (instead of data), or based on their (potentially biased) interpretation of the data. Do you think there's a way to use this kind of approach to find ways to move people toward actions that address an issue, even if they don't perceive there to be an actionable issue--not by misleading them, but by shifting the intention of their action to better align with their values?

Interesting question Kristen. I do think there is room for this type of thinking. I just finished getting a master's in public health after working in the environmental field for 15 years. My hope is that a public health frame (something very personal where they can see what's in it for me) will resonate with some versus a straight up environmental message. I would love to hear from folks that are putting this into practice. Topics like asthma and wildfires, climate change and food insecurity, flooding and vector-borne illnesses...