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International Dark Sky Week, THIS WEEK

While the week is coming to an end on April 30th, there's still so much we can do to educate people about dimming our lights and protecting the night sky for humans and wildlife.
Our excessive lighting is often not within the limits of local municipal codes and property owners are either not aware of these codes or not informed when purchasing a new home and small towns often don't have the means to enforce them, which can be taken advantage of.
We hold nature walks in the early evening to educate people about the beauty of the night sky and the wildlife that depends on it for migration or their daily lives.
I've included links to International Dark Sky Week, my org.'s local coalition website on dark skies and a recently posted Insta reel on excessive lighting. We utilize all social media to engage our audience. A Facebook user may not necessarily be an Insta or Tik Tok user so we try to switch up our online engagement methods in accordance with trends and the tried and true methods that have worked in the past.

Have you tackled this issue where you are at? Do you know your area's lighting codes?
P.S. World Migratory Bird Day is May 14th and this year's theme is "Dim the Lights for Birds at Night." You can learn more in the link below.

I didn't know that was this week, thanks for sharing these resources. How does someone find the lighting codes for their area? I'd be interested to look into that.