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Eco Days this month

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a few days we have on our social media calendar to create content for this month:

Saturday, June 4th is National Trails Day. Highlight a favorite local trail, the importance of preserving open space accessible to all and be sure to ask your followers what their favorite is.

Wednesday, June 8th is Global Wind Day.

And my personal favorite: the entire month of June is Pollinator Month! What are a great way to feature your local, national, global pollinators in need of some extra love. Many of our insects have been active for about a month now. One of the species I know we'll be highlighting is the monarch butterfly.

Anyone else planning to use social media to talk about any eco days or pollinators this month?

I would love to hear from you!

My Nature Detectives will join me at a local park for National Trails Day. We will be engaging in 3 of our classic, fun activities: Walking the Alphabet Trail, Color walk, and Habitat High Rise.

We completed our second annual Lost Ladybug search as a community science project early April. We found ladybugs in February at school sites this year and in abundance early April. In 2021, we did not see any ladybugs until after Easter- end of April. That was a subtle way to introduce changes in weather patterns and its impact on wildlife without overwhelming them with the perils of "climate change."

I will be creating a live online training program this summer for teachers, site leaders and others interested in leading these simple hourly programs, Learn more about Nature Detectives at

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National Trails Day