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Wondering about forest bathing

I have joined this group, not because I have a lot to contribute, but I'm hoping I can pick some of your brains! I work in the area of teacher preparation and a colleague and I are at the very early stages of looking into the physiological and emotional benefits of connecting with nature (started with reading Nature Fix). Given the stress experienced by teachers AND kids in many of our schools – specifically in urban settings, we are interested in exploring the connections between nature and improved health. Additionally, we both advise new college students and have seen an increasing number return home each year due to the overwhelming stress they experience in this new academic setting. So, we are coming to this from multiple entry points and have not yet narrowed our focus. I am just interested in gathering resources that will help clarify our understanding and maybe gain some more perspectives that we haven’t thought about as we delve into the idea of connecting with nature as a way to address stress and other health benefits in our schools. I appreciate any resources, materials, or suggestions you are willing to share.

One fun overview of the topic is the forest bathing chapter in Florence Williams book "The Nature Fix." Lots of other good evidence-based information in the book relayed in engaging storytelling format.