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posters of native flora for educators

Hello my name is Obiora Embry. I am new to "environmental education," even though my brother and I have been educating ourselves, family, and friends about caring for Mother Earth since the 1980s through a variety of means. In 2012 we started leasing two acres of land on our maternal family farm in southwestern Kentucky to initially develop a forest garden on fallow grazing land. Our idea has morphed into developing a vibrant food ecosystem utilizing primarily native plants. Our ultimate goal is to have at least 500 different species of native plants growing on it and in doing so we have been trying to encourage planting of native plants and to educate others about them and their varied uses.

We created posters in an effort to showcase some of the native plants that we have on our two acres, as well to help others to better understand various uses of primarily native plants. The posters are for sale and we encourage the purchasing of them by educators, parents, and others who want to promote and encourage planting of native plants.