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International Conservation Education Conference - Call for Proposals

The International Zoo Educator's Association (IZE) and European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) have teamed up to host a virtual International Conservation Education Conference: October 8-10, 2021.

The call for proposals is open through May 31 and includes three types of presentations:
Oral presentation (15 minutes + 5 for Q&A) for sharing experience, expertise, and examples
‘Poster’ presentation (5 minutes, maximum 3 slides) for sharing ‘small’ ideas with a big impact, or briefly outlining a bigger picture
Workshop (90 minutes) sessions designed to build participants’ knowledge and skills in a specific area

For all abstracts, you will need to indicate the following:
Presentation Title
Author name(s)
Author affiliation(s)
Author email(s)
Author(s) biography (100 word limit each) and profile photo(s)
Track with which presentation aligns
Description (250 words max)
Outcomes for participants (3-4 outcomes for sessions; 5-7 for workshops)
Brief description of presentation strategies, including those you will use to keep audience members engaged

The joint IZE-EAZA conference planning team is eager to review your proposals!