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Group Chat: Share about a time you facilitated a connection to nature.

This week, take a moment to reflect on a time you facilitated a connection between nature and your students, your family or friends, or even yourself.

A few suggestions to consider: What was the setting? What went well? What was challenging? Did you learn something new or unexpected about yourself? What did this connection mean to you or your students?

We hope you're having a happy Monday!

Anytime I walk on to Fair Oaks Bridge crossing the American River, I am connecting with nature, peace and beauty. Sometimes I chat with people who are walking nearby and show them the log where the turtles sunbathe. I point out where the Egret and Great Blue Heron sit on the riverbank scanning for breakfast. I might describe interactions between Canada Geese and ducks. Or how I watch the Egret soar gently across the river on pearly white wings. I show them the rock where the gull stands and claims his place at the end of the boat launch ramp and calls out to anyone who will listen. I have taken pictures of chilly morning fog in winter, vibrant sunrises and and shared them. I listen for sounds and feel the chill during guided walks. So many stories, so many beautiful scenes. To read any of my 3 years of "Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge"blog posts see link below.

Janice, the photo of the ducklings is precisely what I needed to see right now. So CUTE! And I love how poetically and vividly you depict the scenes you come across at the Fair Oaks Bridge. The sensory details like the calling gull and sunbathing turtle make me feel like I'm there at the launch ramp! I look forward to reading "Mornings on Fair Oaks Bridge." Thanks for sharing!