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Where will I find the conference sessions that will be best for me to participate in?

At this year’s conference you’ll find scores of new and old/familiar colleagues to learn from and discuss challenges. All together there will be:

- 10 climate change education sessions Tuesday and Wednesday at the Research Symposium;
- a special workshop the afternoon of Wed, Oct 10;
- 28 different sessions of many different kinds from Thursday thru Saturday; plus
- lots of time for conversations with new-found friends over meals and after hours.

To help you scan the conference schedule in advance and find the sessions you most want to participate in, see the Xcel file via the "climate change education sessions" link below.

Since there are far too many sessions in any one time block, no one can participate in them all. So, I hope you’ll use this discussion thread to help one another pick the sessions that are the best fit for you/your work. By entering a short pitch as a reply to this discussion post, you’ll be able to ‘advertise’ your session to others – and gather a top-notch group of participants. Please don’t be shy, tell us what you’ll be doing and what we’ll be able to get if we go to your session!

File climate change education sessions22.4 KB

Thanks for posting this Karen! Very exciting to see so many great sessions and hope that everyone can join us. For those booking EarlyBird Registration right now, check out the great workshops you can register for on Wednesday! Look forward to seeing people in Spokane.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you face-to-face in Spokane ! Please remember to mark your calendars for 2 special opportunities at the Conference to get together with other eePro Climate Education folks:
* Fri., Oct 12 at 1:00pm or as soon as you get your brown bag lunch -- we'll gather in 206B
* Sat., Oct 13 9:20 - 10am - we'll share ideas at the Roundtable session in room 206CD

The full conference program is at
and a handy list of Climate Change Education sessions is attached to the post above .
Hope to see you soon!