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What are YOU interested in learning?

To be able to make this group useful to each of you, it would help me (as moderator) to know what kinds of things you'd most like to learn through this group. For example:
a. Are you interested in sharing challenges you are confronting and getting suggestions from colleagues ... ideas of how to handle situations that others may have found ways to deal with?
b. Are you looking for instructional materials ... printed materials to use with middle school students? or a video to show a multi-aged community group?
c. Would you like our group to organize a Webinar-- for example, to introduce you to NAAEE's new Environmental Issues Forum on "Climate Choices"? ...or how climate change effects your/our health?
d. Do you feel you need to learn more about the scientific evidence regarding climate change, more about the psychology behind communicating with folks having religious beliefs that lead them to be reluctant to consider climate change evidence, or more about proven communication techniques?
e. ... or what?
Please post a note describing the things you'd like to do/learn with this group?

Hi, Tara
Welcome to this group & thanks for your query ! I noticed that you have been a NAAEE member since 2012 -- and hope that you've been able to participate in one of our conferences since then (maybe in San Diego?). My first thought re: recommendation for learning activities and ways to incorporate climate change into your programs is to use some of the resources and techniques that have been posted and discussed in our group (e.g., storytelling, the new "Climate Choices" Environmental Issues Forum materials). If you can come to the conference in Madison WI this October, I think you'll find sessions on those & other resources inspiring and helpful. In the meantime, if you haven't already browsed the "Resources" section, please do. Another source for materials specifically tagged to the Next Gen Science Educ standards is www.cleanet.org -- where you can find free, online instructional lessons and units by grade level.
If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate in posting them -- and some of the 100+ folks in this group are bound to have some ideas for you.
Welcome aboard!

Hello! I would be interested in hands on outdoor activities for concepts related to weather and climate for grades 6-12. I'm learning a bit about how to teach phenology and how to use the USA National Phenology Network as a citizen science initiative in my outings with students. I am also interested in communication techniques with folks who see the idea of climate change as against their religion. Some of the areas where I work even using terms like "sustainable" and "environment" could have me asked not to return. Simply making the distinction between observation/science vs, belief/religion is not sufficient in these cases. Any thoughts on approaching this topic in those communities is very much appreciated.