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Welcome to SkyDay Fridays!

SkyDay Fridays! Art+Environmental Science. Please share with Elem. and Middle School teachers you know :)

Astronaut and Artist Nicole Stott, Artist Ben Whitehouse and EEPRO's own Dr. Danielle Lawson have teamed up to invite Elementary and Middle Schools to take part in an inspiring Art+Environmental Science initiative called SkyDay Fridays. Designed for in-school or remote learning, SkyDay Fridays help students get outside and reconnect to nature and to each other through art. Here's how it works. Sign up here: skydayproject.com/fridays and we will create a Sky Gallery for your class. Then each month we will email you an imaginative art+science project all about climate and sky which your students will then post to their Sky Gallery to share with family and friends. The class that makes the most wonderful Sky Gallery will win a chance to Zoom with the amazing Nicole and ask questions about how her experiences in space, her art - whatever they are curious about! Did you know Nicole Stott is the first person to make a painting off of planet earth?! She took her paints to the Space Station!

Its all free and everything needed to get started is here: skydayproject.com/fridays.

Welcome to SkyDay Fridays: skydayproject.com/fridays
Welcome to SkyDay Fridays!