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Using NGSS for climate change in middle and high school levels.

Hello all! I'm wondering what some of you do to incorporate climate change in your classrooms? I teach high school Biology and will be posting some of the activities and lessons that I do with my 9th graders and will put it together with the NGSS standards that I use. Those of us who are familiar with using the NGSS specifically with climate change, please share your expertise!

Things to consider/share:
* How can we teach climate change in middle and high school classrooms and stay within the "required" curriculum for our schools?
* How can/do we incorporate climate change into that existing curriculum without causing major ripples in a department?
* How do we bring in a huge issue like climate change in a way that our students feel they can tackle? How do we keep it "relevant"?
* What challenges have you faced with climate change materials? Correcting assumptions and biases? What about misinformation/preconceived notions?
* New to NGSS? What questions or resources would be useful to you?

* How to align current standards with NGSS to involve Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross-Cutting Concepts - I have a resource that is handy for middle-high school that I created to use for my planning and shared with my department, which I will share here. How do YOU use NGSS in your classrooms to address climate change?

The document I attached here is one that I created from the NGSS framework book to help myself be more organized and intentional with my planning. I put the middle and high school standards and goals side by side for each standard (DCI, CCC, SEP) in Biology and all of the other relevant subject areas that I pull from (Chemistry, Physical Science, Earth Science). I made it so I could easily see where my students should be coming in/what skills they should already have and to better be able to address gaps between that and the high school standards where they should eventually be by the time they are done with my course. It's also a nice resource for seeing where my curriculum lies with the updated NGSS, what skills need more emphasis, and which ones may be superfluous, AND where changes need to be made. It's been a great resource for making sure that I am including and emphasizing the elements that include climate change already by highlighting them for the students when we do them in the classroom. Please feel free to use this as a resource, change it to your content, or adapt in any way you want!

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Hi Kristie, thank you for sharing the document you’ve created!

Project Learning Tree has a few resources that can be useful to teach climate change while staying within the required curriculum and being aligned with NGSS. All these resources contain step-by-step lesson plans, student pages, background information for teachers, etc. Hope these are useful and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

- Carbon & Climate E-Unit: It’s an online resource, fully integrated with NGSS. Although created for grades 6-8 you can easily use it with 9th graders as well.
- Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Forests: The module’s activities for high-schoolers provide an opportunity for hands-on study of forest resources and has a lesson plan focused specifically in Climate Change and Forests. This resource doesn’t have a clear alignment with NGSS yet.
- Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide: This Guide has a few activities focused on climate change and many others focused on related topics, such as consumerism, environmental impact, air quality, economics, etc. Provides a structured alignment to NGSS and other standards. Activities can easily be used and adapted for 9th graders.

Thank you for the resources! Can people also post examples of their lessons with NGSS Alignment? I would be interested to see some outside of the Biology field, and I will add in some of mine as well. I do have another resource to share as well. UW Stevens Point does a Forestry Education curriculum that is available for free online. I've used it for summer school with younger kiddos, but haven't gotten there in high school yet. Here's the link!