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Using Canva to Learn about Sustainability

I wanted to share an assignment I recently created in case others might find it useful. I am currently running a professional development session for K-12 teachers in place-based sustainability education. Our teachers participate in both in-person events and a virtual course. This allows us to introduce them to tools and strategies for teaching sustainability topics in both formats.

I have been really excited about the graphic design platform Canva lately, and have been using it for social media posts, outreach materials, and more. The pro version is also free for teachers and nonprofits! I wanted to introduce my teachers to this tool and use it as an assignment for them to synthesize some newfound sustainability knowledge they had learned from reviewing some provided resources. Since Canva has lots of resources to support educators, including tutorials, assignment templates, and LMS integration capabilities, I feel like it could be a very useful tool for them to use in the classroom as well.

Below you can see an image of the template I created, and a teacher submission.

Do you have any virtual assignments or activities that you have had success with for teachers or students? Please share!

Template with prompts to enter a title, problem or challenge, evidence, and a call to action
Sustainability issue poster template
Poster about how climate change affects us all
Sustainability Issue Poster Example