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Seeking Project Drawdown Posters and Teaching Materials

I am trying to get my hands on Project Drawdown posters and any other visual/tangible teaching tools. I'm the director of the Youth Water Leadership Program and we're hosting our annual Youth Water Summit on December 5th. And, during the Summit I would like to have the 100+ secondary students interact with the Project Drawdown solutions in interactive ways - posters, blocks, etc..
Might you have any intel or suggestions?
Thank you!
Sarah R. Johnson, MAEd | She, Her, Hers
Founder, Watershed Education Specialist
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Carbondale, CO 81623
970-510-0697 (cell)

Here’s my best suggestion:
get your kids “competing” in Drawdown EcoChallenge – it’s the best way I know of to delve into and learn from Drawdown AND start achieving real, meaningful change. Lacy -- – may be willing to help you get started.

Sarah, try Crystal Chissell at Project Drawdown
If anyone can get you the posters, Crystal can. Also, the Omega Institute just held an entire Drawdown Learn summit with a variety of sessions that were live-streamed, including sessions with students, teachers and community based educators working with schools. Following are steps to sign up for free. Word has it that Omega will make (some of) these sessions available as direct links soon. In the meantime...
Instructions to access livestream recorded sessions at the Drawdown Learn 2019 summit at the OMEGA Institute

1. Register your name and email at (cost free)
2. Navigate in another window to
3. Click "Register Today"
4. Select "Standard Tuition $0" box ; click "Save and Proceed to Cart"
5. Log-In with your Email and Password from Step #1
6. Click "Save and Proceed to Cart" again if you must
7. Click "Continue to Checkout'
8. Enter your email address, then click "Continue to Next Step"
9. Click "Continue" (you do not have to donate at this or any step)
10. Check the box to agree to Omega Policy
11. Click "Submit Registration"
12. You should get an email entitled "Thank you for registering for 2019 Drawdown Learn Conference on Demand"- click "My Orders"
13. "Click Access Course" on the next page
14. The Modules will have the titles of the various talks
15. Enjoy!

I was able to email Chad Upham ( at Covive to ask about the Drawdown posters. They are the graphics company that made the posters and he is able to mail me a classroom set for free. Maybe he can do the same for others. It's worth an email to him.

Thanks for the resource Sarah. I started watching the Omega videos from the Drawdown Learn conference, but have only gotten through a couple of the Saturday presentations: Psychology of Climate Change, and Penn State's REU program. Can anyone share what are the best sessions to view (if any) that would be really good for a classroom teacher, or that had resources we could share?