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Schools for Climate Action Zoom Meeting 2.8.18 5:30 PT

Hi All,

There are 90,000 school board members in the country. These are the only elected leaders with a singular focus on the well-being and future success of children.

As far as we can tell, 25 of them have taken a public stand on the need for climate action. However, we are pretty sure tens of thousands more school board members already believe that climate change is a children's issue. They may also already believe that all leaders and all institutions should speak up and take action on climate change. We can help these school board members make this privately held believe public, explicit, and powerful. They could move the needle building public will for science-based climate policies. These policies, in turn, will help preserve all the environmental values we love so much.

Please join the monthly Zoom Meeting on Thursday 2.8 at 5:30

We know of organizing efforts in at least 7 additional school districts---5 in Northern California, 1 in Southern California, and 1 in Ohio. Who is next?

Thanks for all you do and I look forward to working with you!


Hi All,
Great news. Last night Ross Valley School District passed a Climate Change Resolution. The leaders of that district are speaking up for climate action in order to protect current and future students. They have also created an on-going, multistakeholder committee which would recommend continued action in 4 areas:
1. curricular and educational opportunities;
2. facilities and operational priorities and projects;
3. targets for reducing District greenhouse gas
emissions; and,
4. engagement with local, state and federal jurisdictions

Link to their full resolution is below.

Please share widely. School board climate change resolutions can drive paradigm shifts that make the uptake of science-based climate policies more likely. The same paradigm shift, combined with an on-going school district Climate Change Committee makes uptake of high-quality climate change curriculum and educational opportunities more likely.

I think we can get resonance within districts between curriculum initiatives and larger initiatives to re-orient the entire institution towards addressing climate change.

Please visit our website to learn more.