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Interactive Climate Change Stations

I'm looking for ideas for interactive climate change education stations. They have to be an activity that youth can do on their own, without the guidance of an adult. For example, jumping on a sensor pad and seeing how much energy that would be in coal, solar, and wind power. Or putting a coffee filter into C02 somehow, and seeing the filter come out darkened. I'd love your ideas! Thanks in advance.

How about this for a climate change education station: Set out a number of objects--toy car, light bulb, compost bucket, low-flow shower head, acorn, pinwheel (to represent wind turbine), airplane, plastic cow figure, . . .
For each item, the learner describes ways the item is linked to what causes climate change or how the item is linked to climate adaptation. This idea is based on the Flying WILD activity "Bird Friend or Foe?"

There are several activities from Flying WILD that are designed for stations that could be adapted to focus on climate. See the "Student-led" activity section of Flying WILD: An Educator's Guide to Celebrating Birds.
Here's another idea based on the Flying WILD activity "Bird Action."
For "Climate Action" learners identify or describe actions they can take to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Provide a menu of items in the form of a check list that also serves as a pledge card. You can see the Student Pages from the Flying WILD activity (including the Pledge Card) at

5-11 is the target age range. Stations like AR Sandbox or earthquake table are perfect this way: the 5 year old just learns by playing with sand and stacking blocks, while the 11 year old is learning about watersheds and building earthquake resilient structures.