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Food Systems and Climate Change

Thanks for any pointers to resources for teachers wanting to learn more about links between food systems and climate change: how food systems contribute to climate change, how climate change affects food systems, and changes in food systems that could help mitigate climate change.


Hello Michael--Thanks to your efforts and Center for Ecoliteracy on developing this great resource: Understanding Food and Climate Change: An Interactive Guide. The Guide will pair well with a recently expanded Project WILD activity now titled "Food Footprint." In this activity, students use sticky notes to create a hierarchical concept map to further their understanding of impacts to wildlife that are connected with the food system. This method would also work well during the group discussion portions in the student activities within Understanding Food and Climate Change. The link below is Project WILD's example of a hierarchical concept map for examining impacts of food production on the environment, on wildlife, and on people. In this example, the students barely scratched the surface with the climate connection, but of course many groups may choose to focus more time on climate, or make climate a central (higher up) concept on the map. Here's the link See also
Marc LeFebre
Project WILD Program Manager
Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies