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Climate stories

See "Our Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions" project ( which included convenings held around the state to bring out the public to learn about climate change impacts and how to engage in solutions. The focus was public- not specifically youth, but including youth. Kristen Poppleton [] can tell you more about this program, which is her baby.

I've just read Jason's blog and am impressed with the way he's integrated his interests in jazz, collecting people's stories regarding their responses to climate change, engaging students, and posting all this on the web !
Given Jennifer's question that started this discussion thread, Kristen's project (see above), and the kinds of other Climate Voices that are represented in a recent "Resources" post in this group, there's lots to be gained from the diversity of stories and solutions conveyed by them, the people telling them, and from the various approaches that each of you as educators are using to gather and share the stories.
Have any of the other people in this group also used Stories to explore and help others learn about Climate Change? And are those stories someplace where you can share them with this group?
In what ways have YOU used Climate Stories and what professional insights have you gained by working with Stories as a format for probing Climate Change and Climate Change solutions?

I'm interested in collaborating on a proposal--I use stories as a storyteller and also to enhance student engagement when talking about energy. Last year I presented about specific types of stories only to discover the audience really wanted to learn more about how to be a storyteller. Would anyone else be interested in this and aligning with climate change stories?

If you're interested in storytelling and strategic communications as a means of communicating about climate change or motivating action, you may be interested in the webinar NAAEE is hosting next week on Tuesday, April 26 at 3 PM EST. Expert communications strategist Andy Goodman will speak about the power of storytelling—and how we can change the world by changing our story. Learn more and register here:

Thanks, Peggy, for posting these resources! The Barrows AK newspaper story and the Marshall Islands story make a wonderful pair -- and the video is super!! The woman at the end of the video who has moved back home to the Islands has the kind of grit and determination that I admire -- and will make a difference. We've got a panel at next month's conference (Thurs, 10/20/16) and I'm eager to learn about the solution-oriented approaches that the panelists have created/used.