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live vicariously through upcoming Arctic Expedition - follow the blog

Hello all,
A shameless plug and awesome invitation: I'm serving in the role of PolarTREC educator on an upcoming Arctic Expedition with the International Arctic Buoy Program. My first deployment is April 1st for ten days to Utqiaġvik, Alaska for the Utqiaġvik Buoy Exercise 2020 and then again in mid-Summer to northern Greenland with the Navy. Please sign up to get updates from my blog in your email inbox. I will also have a PolarTREC journal site that I will share in the coming weeks.
Educators and teachers should absolutely sign up as my role is to help other educators like yourselves find ways to incorporate the Arctic and Polar regions into your learning environments. I'm guessing I'll explore topics of water, ocean currents, public lands, Arctic stakeholders, music and poetry, lots of ocean data, navigation, fisheries, and .... this sounds like a geography course to me. So, educators from ALL disciplines are encouraged to sign up.
So, sign up here and be sure to add comments and questions, suggestions to the 'comments' section of each blog post. I want this to be a dynamic community of learning and fun.
Please share with your colleagues and friends locally and around the county.
Thanks for indulging me.