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Sharing EE Job Postings with Members and Supporters

A question was posted to the Executive Director discussion group that many of our affiliate members might be able to respond to about connecting with EE employers and showcasing jobs in your state for your members.

Through website and newsletter analytics, one of the most clicked topics tend to be ones that mention jobs. People appear hungry for job opportunities.

When the NAAEE ee jobs emails go out, the states that have active job postings vary greatly. Some states rarely have listings. Is this because of a lack of EE opportunities in those states, or because employers don't identify as providing EE, or that they are unaware of the opportunity to post their openings?

Do you have suggestions for cultivating more EE job offerings for members?

Are you aware of resources for taking inventory of EE jobs at the state level?

I know for North Carolina, our state Office of Environmental Education hosts and manages a very robust job/internship board ( Most of the postings are specific to our state, but occasionally something national makes it on there, too. Our state Office of EE is not the same as our NAAEE Affiliate, and EENC does not host a duplicate job "site". The Office of EE also doesn't have the capacity (my assumption) to maintain their site and to duplicate everything on NAAEE's site. Maybe if there was just a way to always point folks to their page for North Carolina?

I think those within the EE community in NC know to go here, or soon learn to go there through networking. But if someone from outside of the state wanted to search for EE jobs here, I am not sure how easily that page would show up in search engines.

In South Dakota I think it's a combination of all the possibilities that Katie suggested. There aren't that many EE jobs to start with and what few there are tend to have other opportunities to recruit prospective employees.