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March 2020 Updates from the Affiliate Network Steering Committee

Happy March!

Did March come in like a lion where you are? It certainly has here in Central Virginia!
Last week the Steering Committee held our monthly call and I just wanted to share a quick look at what the Steering Committee decided:

-Our Governance Committee proposed a “near consensus” decision-making process via straw polling, which was fully adopted.

-Our Practices and Culture Committee presented 2020 Rules of Engagement which have been adopted with a few minor updates.

-The ANSC has empowered a small group (Eileen Everett, Katie Navin, Sarah Bodor, and Bruce Young) to start a process for determining what’s needed from the 2020 Affiliate Workshop to support deliverables promised under current grants to the ANSC and informed by new 2020 work plans. In addition to the work plans, feedback gathered from past workshop evaluations will also be reviewed. This group will make recommendations for workshop content and structure to the ANSC Professional Development Committee and the ANSC as a whole.

-The Professional Development Committee shared updates on the Call for Presentations for the Affiliate strand at the 2020 NAAEE Conference. Be sure to check for the Affiliate Strand Call for Presentations (found here:

If you have any questions or there is anything you would like the Steering Committee to discuss or if you have questions about how to get involved, send an email to Eileen or Sarah

Notes from this call can be found:

All the best!
Bruce Young, on behalf of the Affiliate Network Steering Committee