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eeLEARN/NAAEE Promotional Videos

Attached is a document that provides links to a series of promotional videos that I encourage Affiliate organizations to share on your websites, social media, and/or through programming. The links lead to a Dropbox folder ( where you can download mp4 versions of the videos and their captions in srt format (I’ll explain what these are later in the post). They also provide a link for you to view the video on YouTube. The Dropbox and documents are divided into three sections:

- EE 30 Under 30 – These are short videos that explain the EE 30 Under 30 program. The application process ends on June 3, 2019, so please share these sooner rather than later.
- eeLEARN Graphic Videos – These are videos from the eeLEARN Modules that use graphics to explain key concepts in EE. We encourage you to upload these to your social media and use them in your programming to advance EE.
- NAAEE Promotional Videos – These videos promote NAAEE initiatives and EE in general. These can help you promote or explain NAAEE, the Global Environmental Education Partnership, and the Natural Start Alliance.

Here is a guided template that explains the logical flow of the document:

[Promotional videos by topic with hyperlink to folder that contains mp4 and srt files] – [Explanation of recommended use of the content]

1. [Name of the mp4 file as it will appear in Dropbox] – [link to view and embed from YouTube] [Explanation of whether there is a srt caption file or not]
2. [Name of the mp4 file as it will appear in Dropbox] – [link to view and embed from YouTube] [Explanation of whether there is a srt caption file or not]

Below are instructions for how to best use this content on your website and social media platforms:

1. Upload Directly to Social Media: Uploading videos directly to social media increases their reach in comparison to sharing the videos from our page. When you post these videos, make sure to include the srt files as captions, because captioned videos are more accessible and usually perform better. Here is a link that explains how to upload srt files to Facebook videos ( You can only upload 2.5 minute or shorter videos to Twitter and they do not allow you to add srt files as captions.
2. Embed on Your Website: Several of these videos are an alluring way to explain organizations and programs that you already highlight on your website. The easiest way to share these is to embed our videos from YouTube to your website. Here is a link that explains how (

If you have any questions, please post them on the discussion thread so that everyone can see the answer. Please also share how you use these videos on the discussion thread to share ideas and help us understand various ways we can share content and coordinate with Affiliates. You can also contact me directly by emailing or calling NAAEE at (202) 419-0412.

We prefer that you embed or share the videos from our YouTube when possible, because we use those views in our reporting. We encourage you to upload the videos directly to your social media to increase their reach at the stake of our reporting, but we would appreciate if you shared how many views the videos received with us a month after posting. Ultimately, however, these videos are for you to use to promote and advance EE, so treat them as your own content.

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