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Ripple Effects Mapping Community Program Evaluation Online Course

This is an intensive (but fun!) three-session, six-hour online course offered in July (daytime) and August (evening) with two of the originators of Ripple Effects Mapping, an engaging, re-energizing approach to evaluating community programs. Early registration discounts extended!

Every community program has impacts, but they can be difficult to identify and substantiate—especially when program implementation is multifaceted and evolving. These effects usually play out over the course of months or years, and by the time a real evaluation makes sense, it’s hard to connect new knowledge, changed behaviors and the host of direct and indirect impacts that your program may have fostered. Ripple Effects Mapping blends appreciative inquiry and mind mapping to measure a broad range of program impacts, even years after initial activities have taken place.

REM gets to the in-depth stories and impacts that help you understand your program’s true effects, fine-tune for the future, and show funders and partners how their impact has rippled out through the community.

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People creating a ripple effects mind map.
Ripple Effects Mapping in action