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New Resources from NC: EE and ESSA, EE is Essential

Building on the resources provided by NAAEE, EENC has developed a resource detailing how funding from the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) can be used to support environmental education as part of a well-rounded education. EENC developed the document in partnership with the NC Office of Environmental Education and many of the statewide environmental education program managers to highlight how funds can be used by local education agencies for field trips, after-school programming, professional development; citizen science in the classroom and more!

We are thrilled to share that the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has posted the resource to on their website under the Federal Program and Monitoring Support section. EENC and the office are working with DPI on an official plan to share this news with school district officials, but we're pleased to be able to provide this resource to school districts who will be working on how to budget funds in their ESSA plans.

You can view the "Environmental Science using ESSA Funding" document on DPI's website at

EENC also developed a new "EE is Essential" resource. Starting from references provided through eeWORKS (, we created this document to explain the value of the field to our potential funders, elected officials, and other community stakeholders. We have also shared this with our members so they can use it to justify their work, if needed, and use it support their funding proposals.

We ultimately plan to design several versions, including a version with live links on our website so it can be easily read on a phone. I've attached our "print" version.

Just wanted to share in case any other states can use them!

PDF icon Environmental Education: Part of a Well-Rounded Education for ESSA Funding678.99 KB
PDF icon Environmental Education: Essential and Effective for Everyone2.11 MB