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Final Day--Ask the House to Support EE Programs at NOAA

Dear friends of environmental education,

Linked below is a spreadsheet tracking up-to-date support for EE, including for this year's support letters. Noted are the 30 House members who have already signed on to the FY 2018 NOAA letter. If your Representative hasn't yet signed on, and you've already been in touch with their staff, please email or call them back today to remind them to sign the letter.

Highlighted on the spreadsheet in yellow are our friends in the House who have not yet spoken up for NOAA EE funding this year. If these are your legislators, call their offices today—they will sign on if asked! Request the email address of a staff person who handles appropriations and follow up by emailing that staff person the attached letter.


More information at:

Thank you!
Brock Adler, Chair, NAAEE Advocacy Committee
Sarah Bodor, Director of Policy and Affiliate Relations, NAAEE

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