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Exploratory Scenarios Planning course last-minute registration discount

Exploratory Scenarios Planning (XSP) is a growing practice of using scenarios planning in particular ways to engage community members and stakeholders on complex and pressing issues like “over-tourism,” rapid growth and development, the effects of climate change, economic change and volatility, inequity, housing affordability, technological change—you get the picture. In our online course, you'll learn to use Exploratory Scenarios Planning to help your community deal with uncertainty by envisioning and considering a range of possible futures and creating an adaptive approach that responds to foreseen and unforeseen changes as they happen. The "considering a range of possible futures" is the real deliberative heart and soul of this approach, and the process pretty much forces people to consider realities they don't like or understand as much as realities that they gravitate toward.

The course starts June 9 (and we'll offer it again in October. Registration fees are $245, but you can use the code "XSPSPECIAL" to drop your registration fee to $98 for the June session.

If you'd prefer to dig into XSP yourself, I'll link to a couple DIY resources in the Links section.