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Advocacy-Process for Legislative Platforms-Endorsements

E3 Washington is wondering if any state affiliates have a written document describing the process for determining a legislative platform and endorsements? We are increasingly being asked to support initiatives and would be intersted to see how other states determine what to endorse or support and the process by which the affiliate makes that decision. Thanks for any examples you can send my way

Hi Kathryn,
Our board reviews our Advocacy goals every year. There are some we are actively working on and some we would like to work toward in the future. We have a policy that we will only sign on to things that support environmental education (rather than any environmental issue). There are things that clearly fit within our advocacy goals and what we would normally support and for things like that I don't need to get full board approval to sign on. There are other things that clearly don't meet the criteria we have set and I can just let them know why I can't sign on. Things that are unclear are the things I bring back to the board to approve. I am attaching the documents we put together at the beginning of the year for our board's review. Let me know if I can provide any more context!


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