Understanding Invisible Energies for Children of All Ages

Today, on the Vernal Equinox, I'd like to with give a 'shout out' to the many positive invisible energies that make our lives possible here on Earth.

Many children, all over the world today are out of school in the interest of 'social distancing' to protect ourselves, those we love and our communities from a potentially deadly virus. The President of the United States refers to it as "an invisible enemy."  And it is. Yet, at the same time, that can be confusing, potentially scary and even cause us to feel lonely or isolated.

'Invisible' is more than something to be afraid of. The golden lining within this dark cloud is that many of us have been teaching about invisible energies, through use of magnets, colors of light (rainbow), using a prism, or the 'shadow' side of light, handwashing with 'glo-germ' or simple water based paint and even gravity!  So many invisible energies are profoundly helpful and healthy and all are fun and stimulating as learning activities.

As I sat down to write this blog, my sister called from New Jersey, she's working from home and her 8th grade son is out of school. She told me that many of the houses in her neighborhoood are hanging prisms outside so that kids can see the rainbows when they go out to play.  

The COVID 19 virus is invisible and can be deadly, but as Environmental Educators, lets not forget that knowledge and skills are powerful for children and so many of the things that we teach about are also invisible and they are "invisible powers" that make our life here on Earth, possible.  I'm going to upload a few activities for making rainbows, handwashing and 'exposing invisible germs and thanking the invisible energy of gravity on Earth for meeting our every step and encourage others to do the same. Lets add some fairy dust to the invisible enemy!  Thanks!