Science Is Fun Feature!

The Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri website offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for educators and learners alike. With categories of Explore, WISL, News & Events, Multimedia, Chemistry Course Materials, and more there is a resource, article, lesson plan, or event for almost everyone! In the Explore test tube offers things such as at-home experiments, and background knowledge on some hot topic science issues like Climate Change, as well as basics of water or the periodic table. WISL is the Wisconsin Initiative for Scientific Literacy and offers learning opportunities and workshops for community and educators. News & Events highlights current events, as well as past articles and news stories relating to science, and Dr. Shakhashiri’s own work. The Multimedia tube highlights science on different social media and internet platforms, and Chemistry Course Materials offers valuable classroom materials. There is so much more the Science is Fun website has to offer, so check it out for yourself and get your science on!