Handprint: Positive Actions Towards Sustainability

“Through Our Actions, We Add Substance And Vigour To The Quest For Sustainable Living.”

Launched in 2007 by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) at UNESCO’s 4th International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India, the Handprint represents the belief that we can make a difference through individual and collective actions to solve the environmental problems. Handprint concept captures the energy which young people saw in themselves and their desire to do things for a better future. Creating anxiety or getting children worried is an inadequate way of presenting the problem, be it related to environment.  It should not arrive at a deadlock where children feel helpless to find solutions. It is a symbol of hope making each us believe that every action matters, in fact gather courage, and have commitment.

Handprint is positive action, commitment, measurement; it also means connecting – joining hands and a symbol of care. Environmental issues have become part of one’s life and so there is a dire need to practice positive sustainable actions from now on. Actions are intentional and so is Handprint. Experiences and actions are very closely linked. Without action competence, one cannot become rich in experiences, which in their turn can help to qualify action competence.

Handprint Stands For
  • Positive & tangible action and projects towards sustainability, an integral part of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
  • A tool to calculate the extent of ESD action being taken and the positive impact of our actions on Sustainable Development.
  • A symbol of commitment through a pledge to act.
  • A caring attitude. Extending a helping hand in caring for the planet and all life on it.
  • Networking and collaboration. Joining hands for the common goal of sustainability on Earth—the only known living planet.
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Handprint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. This makes the concept available to global community enhancing participation, collaboration and more vibrancy in the process.