Moderator Endorsed: Global EE
Moderator Endorsed: Global EE

Empowering Climate Change Action: Guidelines for Excellence

NAAEE is in the early stages of developing a set of guidelines focusing on climate change education and climate justice as part of the Guidelines for Excellence series. We envision that this set of guidelines will provide a set of recommendations for developing and implementing community-driven, climate education that is centered on climate justice and empowers climate action. 

We hope that when they are completed, this set of guidelines will serve a broad range of individuals and organizations interested in using education, in its different forms and in varying settings, as a tool for working with communities to find climate solutions. Educational activities may be formal, nonformal, or informal. They may take place in schools, museums, aquariums, nature centers, religious organizations, and community centers. Participants in these educational activities might be traditional K-16 students, members of youth groups, policy-makers, stakeholders and partners, or other community members. 

As with all of the others sets of guidelines, these will be developed using a public participatory process involving opportunities to review and provide input. If you would like to learn about updates in our process and provide input into drafts as they become available, please complete the following Google form and we'll put you on our list: