About eePRO People

The People section enables eePRO users to connect with EE professionals around the world. Create a personal profile, get in touch with other professionals, and share ideas and resources through the eePRO online community. You can explore profiles using the search bar.

Completing your eePROfile

The best way to let others know that you are active in the community is to complete your profile. This gives everyone a chance to connect with other professionals and see who is most active within the community. By completing a profile, others are more likely to contact you with interesting projects or asking for support. And your profile can link to your Linked-in profile so that others can find out more about you and the expertise they’re looking for.


Profiles in the eePRO Community

eePRO provides the opportunity for each member to create a profile. This is a space for you to showcase your skills and experiences and how you can best connect with other professionals on eePRO. To see an example, navigate to Jane Bastrop’s profile.

Sections of an eePROfile are:

LinkedIn connection

My areas of expertise

Favorite resources

Connect with me on social media