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Ze'ev Gebler

Bruce Young

Clare Cunningham she/ella

I develop educational programming that brings environmental monitoring programs to local communities. Science education allows me to embrace a role that combines making environmental education accessible and connecting educaiton to relevant ecological research efforts. I have had many different roles as before becoming an environmental educator including being a collections assistant for a natural history museum and a field assistant to ornithology researchers.

Jason Davis

Nadia Feeney

Timia Thompson

Brooke Tully

My passion is helping environmental organizations create conservation movements that grow.

Rachel Bayer

Carla Gull

Elizabeth Diaz she/her

Reid Loughead

Michael Gindlesperger

michelle johnson

Emma Pausley

Alexis Thorbecke

Lauren Longo She/Her

I am an environmental policy and management undergraduate student at Towson University. I am very passionate aboiut the importance of environmental education implementation across the country, with a specific focus on climate literacy. I love to hike, read and do yoga in my spare time, and love spending time with any animals!

Sammy Baker

Rachel Stuber

Brandi Patterson

Zach W.

Milan Bush

I am an environmental educator with 10 years of experience in childhood development and elementary education. A former gym teacher, kindergarten science teacher, and instructional coach, Milan's broad array of experience helps inform her understanding of how to best serve our community.

Allen Hurlbert

Savannah Christiansen

Katherine Trudeau She/Her